Hi, I’m Kara Landells,

Strength & Conditioning, Running & Triathlon coach.

With over 12 years of experience as a coach and endurance athlete, paired with my education in sports science, I understand that every aspect of life influences an athlete’s ability to train, recover, and excel.

I recognize that sports hold unique meanings for each individual. My mission is to understand your personal motivation and tailor your training to align with your distinct goals. 

 The evolving mission of Kara Landells Coaching is to empower athletes to realise their true potential, harness their innate power and experience the utmost joy in their training, competition and within the community.

I have developed a number of coaching packages to meet the needs of different types of athletes which can be seen below.

Let’s work together to unlock your full potential!

See my different training programs & packages below



12 Week Strength & Conditioning Program For Runners

  • Experience a Comprehensive 12-week program at a fraction of the cost of one on one coaching with me:
  • 3 progressive training phases focusing on building strength, mobility, coordination and power.
  • Learn how to load the hips, knees, and feet properly to reduce niggles and maximise efficiency
  • Improve movement patterns, making running more enjoyable.
  • Enhance your running experience and overall performance, all while prioritising your body’s well-being.

what's included

  • 12 Week progressive program delivered via the Kara Landells Coaching app, focused on building strength, mobility, lower limb “spring” and better movement  
  • 2 strength Workouts of approx 45-60 minutes
  • 2 Plyometric Workouts of approx 10-15 minutes
  • Video tutorials for all exercises
  • Private facebook group for extra support
  • Follow along at your own pace within the app

this is not your standard running strength program – we develop a comprehensive toolbox of movements designed to help you run injury-free, and perform at your best 

get access through our new coaching app

download the Kara Landells Coaching app now and follow along to Kara’s run-specific strength and conditioning and mobility sessions for free

This is a one on one monthly tailored coaching program whereby Kara designs a specific strength & conditioning program tailored to your needs and goals

  • Rehabilitation of existing injuries and addressing any niggles
  • Targeting movement deficits and weaknesses to develop

    running specific strength 

  • Addressing specific individual needs to improve health and performance
  • Assist you in returning to your running pain free and moving better than before

Prior to starting a one on one coaching program, a one on one 60 minute movement screen and initial consultation is required so we can tailor your program specifically to you.

This can be carried out via zoom online or in person.

what's included

  • Strength & Conditioning Specific to your individual needs based on a one on one movement screen and initial consult (book initial consult separately HERE)
  • Custom and detailed Training Program delivered monthly/weekly via the KLC app
  • Lifetime access to your own exercise video demonstration library via the KLC app
  • Direct Coaching Support – Weekly Coach Communication and check in via Email or Text
  • Training Plan Adjustments Monthly/Weekly
  • Strength & Mobility Technique Review With Your Coach Each Month/Week
  • Form video review upon request, Kara will analyse your exercise videos each month/week and provide feedback of your technique and any adjustments needed
  • 30 or 60-minute Training Program review via zoom (Monthly/Fortnightly)

price $260/$350 per month (monthly/weekly)

All one on one programs commence with a 3 month commitment in order to complete the initial 3 phases of rehab. After the first 3 months, participants can choose to continue month to month or change to a different program suited to their needs. This program is ideal for any runner who is looking to work closely with a coach on an ongoing basis, to maximise the effect of their training to achieve new levels of performance.

I was in quite a bad state when I first contacted Kara for help.

Hammy issues, adductor pain and weakness in parts of my body.

In six months I’m now running pain-free. Kara’s phases have helped targeted those areas which are stronger and firing when running.

Throw in mobility, running mechanics, breathing practices and I’m at a stage where I understand the importance of strength and conditioning and

will continue to maintain for life. Kara, your programs and coaching giving me

the confidence to not only compete ultras again but to run better and stronger.

So thank you.

Pat – Ultra Runner

running biomechanics analysis online or in person

Are you seeking tailored feedback on your running form?

I specialise in Running Gait Analysis for runners looking to improve their efficiency and speed through specific drills and training.

what's included

  • Side, front and back view analysis with Detailed Written Report Sent To You Via Email
  • 90 minute one on one running biomechanics analysis and coaching session (in person option)
  • Custom drills & exercises tailored to you based on video analysis
  •  Videos for each drill with coaching cues
  • Progress check in at week 4 with Pre-Post Run Analysis Video Comparison

price $450 Online
price $600 In person

strength training for cyclists isn’t just about getting stronger – it’s also about building mobility, stability, coordination, speed, power and stamina so you can become a more resilient and robust cyclist.

cycling strength & performance

4 week program

This program focuses on the fundamentals of strength, mobility and cycling mechanics so you can maximise your efficiency and power on the bike.

what's included

  • 2 strength workouts of approx 45 minutes
  • 1 mobility and breathing workout of approx 20 minute
  • Cycling mechanics drills and pre-activation warm up routine so you can work on refining optimal cycling technique
  • Program designed to fit around your current cycling schedule
  • Video tutorials for all exercises
  • Follow along at your own pace within the app

coming soon

monthly membership

what's included

  • Over 20 different follow along workouts covering core strength, stability and mobility
  • Dynamic warm up and pre run routines
  • Post run and recovery sequences
  • New running-specific strength workouts to follow each month
  • Mobility and dynamic stretching routines
  • Full access to the Resilient Runners members platform and Facebook group
  • 24/7 online support
  • Community and accountability, to keep us all on track

Resilient Runner Retreats are adventure filled weekend getaways which provide a chance to explore both mind and body through a mix of running, strength and mobility work, mindset training and yoga.

your experience

2 nights, 2 day training weekend focused on empowering you in your strength,

movement and mobility work to improve running efficiency and performance

Located in Kilcunda, Bass Coast, Victoria

Friday 29 October to Sunday 31 October 2021

To receive itinerary apply here

your experience

2 nights, 2 day weekend focused on exploring a mix of trails, strength,

mobility, yoga and mindset training to empower runners in their training

Build more confidence on downhill terrain and watch your stoke level soar,

making even the toughest sections a dream to run over.

There are only limited place available

To receive itinerary apply here


your saturday & sunday adventure

Discovering the surrounding Boonwurrung land on foot along some

of the most memorable and remote trails.

Each Morning we will set out for a day of running out in the hills, through the forests

and along the beaches of the most southerly point of mainland Australia.

Pack snacks the best part

This is not a race, we will stopping as the new environments allow us to share knowledge

and curiosities about what we see and hear along the way.

This retreat is designed for those looking to set a new challenge for themselves,

having began their trail running journey.

We will design the routes based on runners being comfortable out exploring for two hours.

Two distances will be available both days

day trips & adventures

planned & scheduled as required

  • Bringing together athletes from different areas to embark on a training weekend or day trip together
  • Building Camaraderie, community and connection
  • Saturday Beach Sessions: a 2.5 hour experience focusing on a mix of strength training, trail running and hiking and mental resilience building work within a team environment
  • Trail running day trips

a chance to connect with like minded runners and build a stronger purpose around your running to help build confidence and camaraderie.

As an owner of / when you purchase the Resilient Runner Program you will have access to all future updates and training that we add to the program.

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