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Sport-Specific Strength & Conditioning Packages


Program Levels

If you are involved in a sport or you have specific goals geared towards improving performance for your sport, then this style of training program is for you.

You may be recovering from an injury and hoping to get back to your sport with similar performance as before. You may be active in a sport and hoping to prevent injuries and improve on your performance (e.g. Jumping higher, running faster, hitting a golf ball further, become more agile, swim faster). Just like every individual is unique, every sport is. Each sport requires the use of different muscle groups, and requires a specific level of functional mobility and strength to perform at your best. Kara designs your program to optimise health and wellness, reduce injury likelihood, as well as prepare you to excel in your sport!


12 week Program

from $130 

Whether you’ve got an Event/Race Build coming up, want to develop improved strength for your sport or you just like to have a structured plan in place, this 12 week program is designed to maximise your performance and improve injury resiliency!

My 12 Week Periodised Programs give you the choice of Foundation or Advanced Sessions depending on your level of Training Experience. Simply select the program level that suits your current training goal and get started!

• Foundation Level Program Option

• Advanced Level Program Option

• Gym and/Or Home Based Plan

• Fully Guided Video Tutorials & Coaching Support

• Printable & Downloadable Programs & Training Log


Monthly coaching Program – Starter:

From $150 P/M

Kara will plan and help you to execute a strength and conditioning program customised specifically for your sporting needs, taking into consideration your injuries, goals and current level of conditioning.


Whats included:

– A questionnaire to help us understand your training history and goals

– Program built around your schedule

– An initial Skype/In-person consultation with your coach to go over your program

– Delivery of your 4-week training cycle via email with warmups, any prehab/rehab exercises needed and main training exercises

-Fully guided video tutorials and coaching support


Monthly Coaching Program – Performance:

from $200 p/m

For those that feel they would benefit from extra professional support from their coach. This package includes everything in our Starter program plus:

Whats Included?

-unlimited emails with your coach for any questions you may have as you progress on your training journey.
-Fortnightly phone chat for program review & feedback
– Training Plan adjustments 1 per week

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