triathlon and strength coaching designed to maximise your fitness, strength and performance  


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General Fitness

from $75 p/m

Strength training plans designed for anyone

Ideal For:
-Those who want to build lean muscle, drop body fat/weight or increase Strength

-Not actively involved in any sport
-Gym or Home based programs
-Injury rehabilitation
-Improving functional movement and mobility

Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning:

from $160 p/m

Strength training plans designed to enhance strength for your sport

Ideal For:
-Individual endurance sports: triathlon, running and cycling
-Team based sports
-Motivated by specific goals
-Recovering from an injury
-Injury Prevention

Triathlon Coaching:

from $200 p/m

Swim, Bike and Run specific training plans

Ideal For:

-Individual Runners, Cyclists or Triathletes
-Fully personalised online triathlon training program
-Program delivered through Training Peaks
-Annual Training Plan based on your training and racing goals
-Swim, bike and run performance testing and tracking (athletes must have a garmin/GPS watch or similar)
-Personal heart rate, power zones and/or paces calculated and utilised to track progression and deliver personalised programming

Kara Landells – The Founder of Bass Coast Fitness


Head Strength Coach and founder of Bass Coast Fitness

I am a Bass Coast based Fitness professional specialising in Strength and Conditioning for athletes and Triathlon coaching.

With 10+ years, of experience in teaching, training and continuing my fitness education, I’ve worked with everyone from young teens to elite athletes, and I’ve been fortunate enough to help many people increase their strength, make healthy lifestyle changes, and rapidly improve their sporting performance.

My aim is to educate and motivate people towards a healthier life – one that embraces quality movement and uses optimal nutrition to get the most out of their training. I use my vast knowledge of fitness and sports science to create personalised strength training programs that are simple, fun and designed to achieve results!

My training programs give individuals the foundations needed to reach their full potential and achieve a lifetime of sustainable peak performance. Designed specifically for you based on your goals, time commitment, training level and based around YOUR lifestyle!

Focus & Specialties / What I do:

  • High-Performance Triathlon and individual run & bike Coaching
  • Technique correction and analysis for swim, bike and run
  • Strength Training for Optimal Movement and Performance
  • Junior Athlete development
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Integrated Yoga, Pilates and bodyweight core strength functional training
  • Personalised strength and mobility training for small groups and one-on-one

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport’s Science 
  • Triathlon Australia Accredited Coach
  • Personal Trainer, Certificate III & IV
  • Certificate III & IV in massage therapy
  • Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for U’18 AFL TAC cup
  • Competed and trained full time with Professional Triathlon Team DDS on Scholarship in Europe
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